• Below Market Rate (BMR) & Affordable Rental Units (ARU) are limited in quantity with extensive waiting lists. Due to demand vastly exceeding availability, many in low-income and most in middle-class will not benefit

  • ~20% of households pay more than 30% of their income toward housing costs.

  • Based on past trends as noted by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG; a regional planning agency), Sunnyvale will require ~5,500 housing units over the next 8 yrs and the Bay Area will require ~1.5 million housing units through 2050.

  • Sunnyvale alone does NOT have adequate land to develop sufficient market-price housing in order to meet/exceed demand and stabilize housing prices. 

  • Alternatives to satisfy Below Market Rates may create underprivileged groupings by allowing the BMR housing requirement to be transferred and added to another development.


Tentative Proposal:

  • Strongly support Santa Clara’s “Cut the Commute” campaign and increase meetings with local companies to encourage and phase-in a long-term work from home option program, where possible, in order to give workers freedom of choice as to whether they want to work remotely or not.

    • Work from home schedule allows employees the freedom to not live in the area; decreased housing demand.

  • Promote greater community outreach to increase public input to the Plan Bay Area 2050 (potential Bay Area guide with outlined strategies for growth and investments). 

  • Maintain Rental Inclusionary Requirement (affordable housing) target for new construction until a long-term, multi-city plan is established to increase housing throughout the Bay Area.

  • Review and modify BMR alternatives (i.e. Payment of In-Lieu Fee and Transfer of Credits) to greater benefit Sunnyvale.

Paid for by Hina Siddiqui for City Council 2020 - District 2

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