• Business & Residential Renter’s Eviction Moratorium

    • In addition to current rent, 100% of all past due rent is to be paid in full 180 days after the city declares the emergency is over. 

  • Unemployment

    • Regional unemployment rate increased x5 to ~11% as compared to ~2.7% last year.

    • Due to current circumstances, COVID-19 employment effect is projected to last into 2021 pending effective vaccine production among other factors.


Tentative Proposal:

  • Business & Residential Renter’s Eviction Moratorium

    • Increase the rent pay in full date from 180 days to 270 days as a buffer due to expected decrease in the job market.

  • Unemployment

    • Strongly promote workforce training initiatives from NOVA Workforce Services Department, Santa Clara County Department of Employment and Benefit Services, and Sunnyvale Community Services in assisting job seekers.

    • Encourage training/employment agreements between local companies and job seekers.

    • Plan for projects that will increase Sunnyvale’s employment rate.

Paid for by Hina Siddiqui for City Council 2020 - District 2

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