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Ideal Candidate:

Hina Siddiqui is our councilmember candidate to represent District 2. Keeping Sunnyvale’s future in mind, she is committed to support the city’s position on Legislative Advocacies and within the City Council, she will champion your visions of an ideal Sunnyvale. In her own words,


"Be not the councilmember with all the answers, but rather lead the community in attaining viable solutions together. "

Whether it is long-term mentoring of at-risk High School students, helping veterans build their resumes, or working for a nonprofit organization, Hina has searched out ways to utilize her particular and professional skill sets to serve her community on a personal level. Her proudest moments come from those who have succeeded in their endeavors as a result of her mentorship and support. Hina’s personal approach to leading is one of the valued and necessary traits of an upcoming District 2 councilmember.


Similar to many residents of Sunnyvale, Hina is a first-generation immigrant who values Family, Culture, and Respect as the guiding principles of a prosperous community. Her story began outside of California, within the city of Mumbai, India. From an early age, she learned the importance of hard work, teamwork, and community involvement.  Hina has consistently applied these tenets as the bedrock to a life committed to excellence.



Hina originally came to the United States to open her academic aperture through graduate studies, not knowing she would meet her husband (Isaac). Isaac, a naturalized citizen of Panamanian descent, moved the couple to Belgium where he worked as an Engineer in support of the U.S. Army and NATO. The exposure armed Hina with yet another cultural perspective to help mold her paradigms on education, infrastructure, and transportation. This broadening was instrumental in helping her devise viable initiatives that will propel Sunnyvale towards our community planning goals. After Europe, it was no surprise Hina and Isaac found themselves captivated by Sunnyvale's diversity, vibrance, and safety. They are proud to call this home and she plans to work tirelessly in the city's development.







In addition to her passion for professional development, Hina enjoys reading, building interpersonal relationships through good conversations, and adventure-filled road trips with her husband. Feel free to Get in Touch with her by sending a message. It will be her pleasure to reach out and share additional details from those personal experiences that made us who we are today.



  • Master of Science, Management Information Systems, State University of New York (2013)

    • Co-author in research involving Clinical Decision Support Systems​

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, University of Mumbai (2011) 


Professional Experience:

  • Data Analytics, Google (2019-Present)

  • Integration Analyst, H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute (2013-2018)

Paid for by Hina Siddiqui for City Council 2020 - District 2

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