• Increasing traffic congestion on highways and streets.

  • Limited space to build additional highways and streets.

  • Limited EV charging stations.

  • Carpooling is underutilized.


Tentative Proposal:

  • Strongly support Santa Clara’s “Cut the Commute” campaign and increase meetings with local companies to encourage and phase-in a long-term work from home option program, where possible, in order to give workers freedom of choice as to whether they want to work remotely or not.

    • As noticed during COVID-19, increased work from home equates to decreased traffic.

  • Establish policy to expand EV charging infrastructure throughout the city and apartment complexes.

  • Promote study to convert major intersections into roundabouts with or without slip lanes where feasible.

    • Reduces travel time, promotes continuous traffic flow, and decreases intersection points of impact.

    • ~60% increase in vehicles-per-minute traffic flow.

    • Reduced life cycle cost due to no electricity consumption nor traffic lights maintenance/repairs.

  • Advocate the study to convert Lawrence Expressway and Bayshore Freeway intersection from partial Cloverleaf to Cloverleaf interchange design and remove exit stop lights.

    • ~20% long-term increase in vehicles-per-minute traffic flow.

  • Establish effective community outreach methods to promote/encourage carpooling options and reduce single-occupancy vehicles (i.e. 511 Carpool Program, Waze Carpool, etc.).

Roundabouts: reduce conflict points (accident prone areas), increase continuous traffic flow, reduce travel time, and increase pedestrian & bicyclist safety.

Paid for by Hina Siddiqui for City Council 2020 - District 2

FPPC #1427063